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Coffs Coast Aerial Drone Services (C.C.A.D.S) is a locally owned and operated company based in Coffs Harbour. Drones or RPA’s (Remote Piloted Aircraft) or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) have in recent years exploded with new technology offering an array of insightful and advanced sensors that have streamlined efficiencies. Businesses are utilising this new technology as it has been proven to dramatically reduced risk for businesses and employees.

Our thermal radiometric sensors are capable of detecting damaged or faulty solar panels, assessments for roof damage and building efficiency imaging.  The multispectral sensors focus on agricultural crops, plants and trees gathering real time accurate organic intelligence to assist farmers make data based decisions. This also works hand in hand with out aerial spray and spread platform providing variable prescription map data that feeds directly to the Ag-Spray drone, this saves you money on herbicides and fertiliser. 

Our LiDAR equipped platform can re-create 3D point cloud data or provide survey grade data with RTK accuracy. Dangerous inspections of infrastructure can be a thing of the past as our aerial inspections provide high resolution images up to 180x digital zoom or aerial videography up to 6k resolution.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and our aerial intelligence service will collect accurate and concise data for use in analysis (sensing) allowing businesses and individuals to make fact-based decisions that conventional data collection methods may have missed.

Our service is based on two (2) key elements:

  • Accurate data sensing and collection delivered in a secure and efficient platform.
  • Increase workflow efficiency by reducing unnecessary exposure of employees to high-risk tasks.

CCADS fully insured and licensed Remote Pilots are registered and approved by The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

We are also licenced (Business and individual) by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to safely apply pesticide and herbicide by air. Safety is paramount and all CCADS Pilots operate under ReOC (RPA Operators Certificate #casa.reoc.7282) in conjunction with CCADS CASA approved operation and procedure manuals.


Implementing New Technology Without Worry

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) are changing how businesses work. Companies spanning multiple industries are utilising UAVs for the purpose of inspections, monitoring, repair works and onsite security. The collection of real-time data by UAV’s can cut down business expenditure and reduce potential risk to staff and personnel.

A recent whitepaper by McKinsey Co reported that due to the complexity of the laws surrounding UAV’s airspace, maintenance logs, insurance liability, licence requirements and of course not to mention compliance of a business operators certificate had resulted in many businesses who do not utilise UAV tech or RPAS daily struggling to remain compliant, maintain operational manuals and potentially facing hefty fines.

Whilst this may discourage many away from utilising Remote Piloted Aircraft and the advantages they offer, there is a cost effective, less stressful alternative. Outsourcing.

Outsource to Coffs Coast Aerial Drone Services, a specialised company

  • Streamline workflow and increase efficiency.
  • Free up time of employees.
  • Reduce the risk and exposure to your employees.
  • Minimise operational expenses and associated costs.
  • No compliance worries or stress 


Coffs Coast Aerial Drone Services (CCADS) takes care of the lot. We are a fully licenced, insured and compliant RPAS company featuring the latest in payload technology. CCADS can collect accurate real time data for analysis and actionable decisions making to benefit your business making it perform efficiently and securely.

CCADS can provide commercial or domestic inspections to aid with insurance claims in a controlled and safe environment by capturing high resolution aerial images up 180x digital zoom. CCADS is the safest option in potentially hazardous or logistically demanding situations. It makes sense to reduce your exposure to risk.

CCADS photography and videography services can also be engaged privately to capture special events, personal milestones or in creating a residential property portfolio or for marketing purposes.

Servicing Over 45000 Square Kms

Our area of service includes the New England, Coffs Coast, Northern Rivers and Northern NSW.

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About Us

Specializing in Aerial Services

At CCADS, we pride ourselves on supplying a dependable and prompt service that supplies quality high resolution imagery solutions. Specialising in eye catching clear crisp real estate imagery and 4k or 6k high resolution video artistry.

Accurately check the performance and growth of crops or trees with the aid of our advanced multispectral service. Supplying exact data and an advanced insight to your harvest. Monitor for the potential onset or spread of pests and disease early to reduce losses.

The advanced properties of CCADS thermal imaging technology provides a service that can find potential damage and faults on solar panels effectively and easily while reducing any potentially dangerous tasks unnecessarily.

CCADS services span across multiple sectors, trades and industries. Our applications are adaptable and can be customised to integrate easily into businesses existing workflows.

Explore our vast capabilities and see how we can make your life easier and safer.

Why Choose Us

We are passionate about technology and unmanned flight

Autel Robtics Utilised by Coffs Harbour Drones
Certificate Award
Civil Aviation Safety Authority Certified

CCADS operates under ReOC 7282

CASA Approvals

We can make application direct to CASA if your job requires us to fly outside of our operational standards

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Experienced with Advanced Capabilities

Years of experience, hundreds of logged flight hours with advanced payloads such as LiDAR, Multi-Spectral and Radiometric Thermal Sensors

Certificate Award
EPA Licenced

We are licenced by the Environmental Protection Authority to discharge herbicide and pesticide by air

Create a unique bird’s eye perspective of a corporate event or personal celebration. Captured from a safe distance our aerial photography and video artistry teams powerful zoom lenses will encapsulate important moments and memories in a high-resolution format.   

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