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Payloads and Ground Support


A feature payload asset that is essential for any primary producer who is wanting the broadest but most accurate data possible in order to make key decisions ahead of schedule that could mean the difference between a good harvest and a BUMPER harvest! Through the use of multispectral bandwidths We can now analyse:

Stand Counts
NDVI (Green-NDVI, Red-NDVI, RedEdge-NDVI)
Plant Size Distribution
Plant Stress
Emergence Fraction
Vegetation Fraction
Weed Density
Chlorophyll Index
Yield Potential.

The only data this sensor can not deliver is rainfall… Give yourself the advantage and all the factual based data to make the best decisions for your plants and crops.

Zenmuse XT Thermal

We now have technology that empowers us to see the future of possible. The Zenmuse XT thermal (Infa-red) camera was developed by FLIR. The 3-axis gimbal allows for smooth controlled movement whilst mounted on the aircraft. The Zenmuse XT provides high-sensitivity ( <50 mK@f/1.0) infrared imaging at 640/30 fps and sports a 9 mm lens. The XT it excellent for aerial thermal applications such as inspection and maintenance, search and rescue, and precision agriculture.  A common use for this payload is the aerial inspection of solar panels installed on the top of structures and dwellings. I think it goes without question that if such an inspection was to be performed by a human, the potential risk would need to be considered high. Another factor to consider is the time it would take to unload all the gear needed by the inspector, rig up a fall harness, climb up a ladder with the inspections tools required, perform the inspection and pack up and depart the location. Our UAV’s can be deployed in under 5mins, perform an inspection immediately, safely land, perform a teardown on the UAV and payload and depart in a fraction of the time.

Do you like your dataset RAW or PROCESSED?

Our job comprises of 2 main workflow paths. The first is to obtain the dataset that is requested, accurately and safely. When we refer to dataset, the data being the objective of the flight, that may be actual data or video media or imagery. The second component to our job is to then process or edit the obtained data into a workable, useful or deliverable form. Some video works run into many hours of editing which will result in a higher cost. If our client or customer has a background in processing the data, we may find that the end vision may differ from our editor to the client (for example a real estate agent may like to edit their real estate photography a certain way). To alleviate this problem and to reduce the cost to our client, we can slipstream their requested data in a raw state, fresh off the camera sensor. We use secure cloud based delivery systems that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by the client, this is a free add-on service to all our customers

Ground Support by Fuji

X-T4 (Ground Support)
We were very excited to get our hands on a new x-T4 with 26MP camera capable of 20 fps shooting and 4K capture at up to 60p for video for starters, now widely regarded as the best APS-C on the pro consumer market. The X-T4 was an upgrade from the X-T3 with the addition of In-body image stabilization improves low-light performance. Improved autofocus algorithm. New shutter mechanism. CCADS uses the X-T4 to accompany all of our aerial flights as a complimentary addition in adding ground perspective to our media reels.

We Only Ever Use Adobe Premier Pro And After Effects (Editing Software)

If editing any media is required, we only ever use the creative Adobe suite. Premier Pro is considered the industry standard and whilst it remains a difficult beast in many aspects such as the adopted learning curve but also the hardware requirements. Because of its technical ability we recently built a custom desktop system tailored to meet the heavy resource needs of After Effects and Premier Pro. Brief specs of the PC are ASUS Prime 550 Mother board, Ryzen 9 CPU, 64GB RAM, GeForce RTX 3060 6GB, 2GB NVMe Samsung PCIe SSD Corsair Hydro liquid cooling system.

Stabalised in The Air or On The Ground

We go that little bit extra to ensure we are well equipped and not left behind with the every growing and evolving tech of RPA’s. We want to offer that personal touch or complimentary service. All of our Aerial photography and Videography services also come with complimentary ground support. This is delivered with the same care and same quality as we provide in the air. We stabilise all of our ground cameras with DJI Ronin rigs so every angle and shot is professional