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Service Pricing Guide

It’s our best yet.

Are you looking for pricing for our RPA services or are you looking to purchase your own drone?

Find a better Price?

Below you will find our pricing guide for our aerial RPA services. To obtain a firm pricing guarantee, please request a quote ensuring you provide all the necessary information required and we will get back to you within 24hrs. We are so confident of our pricing, we offer a price guarantee on all of our services!

(T's & C's apply. Please Note: Pricing is indicative and "starting from" it does not included optional extras or travel outside of stated zone. All pricing listed INCLUDES GST and unless otherwise stated does not include preparation or submission of applications to CASA. We do not guarantee approvals sort from CASA and will advise prior to lodging any application. All pricing will be confirmed prior to undertaking any operation. Terms of Service will apply)

Pricing to suit your needs

Photography & Video Artistry Services

Client Rate Photography Videography (no edit)

On a budget? no problem, our entry level deal is for you. Raw unedited data set will be delivered via our Client Cloud Link in under 24hrs. No frills, made easy.

Commercial Regular Client Package

For the regular high usage clients who are looking to reduce their spend per operation, high volume but with a low price. Perfect for real estate agencies.

Client Rate Photography Videography (Full Service)

When you need to go all out on that big day, packages include all ground support for videography (video coverage from the air as well as the ground) and complete editing bundled.

Raw, Snap n Roll

For the budget conscience
$ 95
Limited to 1st Hour
  • Raw images in dataset
  • Same day secure dataset delivery via Client Cloud Link (FREE)
  • Perfect for creative content & real estate marketing short shoots
  • Location to be within 25km radius of Coffs Harbour

Subscription PLUS

For busy professionals
$ 79
Starting from Per Month
  • Raw & Edited images in dataset
  • First 3 shoots $69
  • Additional shoots $55
  • Upgrade Option to include aerial & walk through video

The Ultimate

For that special occasion
$ 1200
Per Day
  • Complete edit suite, pre & post edit consultation
  • Complete ground support video and engineered sound channels
  • Minimal 4k resolution up to 6k recording edited back to 4k final product.
  • Complimentary revisions on edit

The Red Raw Cine

For Professional Productions
$ 6200
Plus DOP + Expenses by contract only
  • Complete access to pilot, custom cinelift & Red Komodo 6K
  • Insurance Included
  • Includes up to 2 CASA applications for instruments (if required)
  • Full Non Disclosure Agreement if required, iImmediate physical delivery of footage, once RPA has landed and rendered safe.

Agriculture Sensing

Drones in Agriculture CCADS

Slantrange Multispectral Sensor

The datasets every farmer should have

Using a multispectral sensor by Slantrange we are able to drill down into the crop/plant in a very short period of time. We are unable to provide the answers for you, however we can provide very accurate data for you to make an informed decision ahead of time. Perfect for selective breeding and identifying the early on-set of pests and disease

Lay of the Land

Introductory Offer
$ 200
3 Passes over 3 Weeks
  • We will provide you with all 3 weeks data in TIF format
  • We will put you in contact with an expert to explain what your dataset analysis is and how that can help you forward plan.
  • Location to be within 35km radius of Coffs Harbour

Annual Subscription

Watch them Grow
$ 2700
Annual Subscription
  • Monitor growth, future planning ability.
  • Utilised passes for accelerated selective breeding program
  • Accurate yield prediction
  • Early identification of pest and disease. Resulting in reduced pesticide output with targeted area

The Casual Farmer

Pay per Pass & Analysis
$ 188
Per pass/analysis
  • Complete edit suite, pre & post edit consultation
  • Complete ground support video and engineered sound channels
  • Minimal 4k resolution up to 6k recording edited back to 4k final product.
  • Complimentary revisions on edit

Inspection Services

Solar, Roof, Tower, Turbine Inspections & Thermal Imagery

Reduce your exposure to risk!

It simply makes sense, don't risk it! Its a very small price to pay for cheap insurance rather than if you were to slip and fall from a height. Let our high resolution lenses provide a thorough assessment to you on terra firm in safety and comfort of your office or home.

The Smart Home Owner

Eye in the sky
$ $69
Price starting from
  • Perform visual roofing inspection
  • Provide you with a report analysis
  • Speak to us to ensure we can meet your needs

Thermal Imaging & Inspection

What you cant see from a human eye
$ 79
Pricing starting from
  • Perform thermal imaging inspection of roof or solar panels
  • Provide you with a report analysis
  • Speak to us to ensure we can meet your needs

Commercial and Corporate Clients

Pay per Pass & Analysis
$ POA By agreement
  • Speak directly to us on how we can tailor your needs
  • We can integrate into your system
  • Secure dataset delivery
  • Accurate data for your analysis

For all other pricing please provide as much information as possible including detailed location, your contact details and other relevant information HERE The more information you can provide, the more accurate price quotation we are able to provide. Please note that as we have to comply with certain laws, a great deal of “behind the scenes” work goes in to planning our operations to ensure safety is paramount to everyone involved and those who are not (members of the public). Every job requires a thorough and accurate JSA and risk analysis, if an unacceptable level of risk is present with no way or means of reducing that risk, we simply will not fly the operation. Our operator’s certificate and our licences are very important to us. If there is an alternative we will certainly suggest this or if an application can be made to CASA we will suggest it but please do not expect or ask us to fly illegally as our refusal may offend.