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Insurance companies along with home owners are utilising RPA's more and more often for aerial assesments and is makes sense to reduce your risk...

Are You An Underwriter or Assessor Needing An Efficient ALL STAR Team That Can Turn High Res Data Around Quickly and Securely?

High resolution zoom imagery – Thermal imagery/sensor – Raw or processed data – Same day securely delivered

Then we can help you!

Press below for the options of organising a call back or to speak to one of our team now Click Here At the time of writing, The Coffs Coast had recently experienced some of the worst damaging hail storms we had ever seen. The hive of activity in the following days that followed showed how much carnage and mess was left behind and how much cleanup and work that was required. Local glaziers were booked out solid for weeks due to windows being broken. Roofing specialists as well from the trees that had fallen from the wind and hail stones as big as golf balls. The weight of ice was too much for one house that suffered significant damage when a structural wall started to give way. The clean up and repairs cost largely fell to insurance companies as you would expect. Some insurance companies required assessments to be performed and whilst many were based in and around the metropolitan areas, drones were called to action to save time and money and performed the data collection on behalf of insurance companies and home owners. Not only was this achieved very quickly but it prevented any further potential disaster like human injury caused from a fall from height, on a wet slippery roof.

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