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Aerial Construction and Building Services

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Aerial Construction and Building Services

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Stockpile level reporting, progress reports for stakeholders, maintenance inspections... Just a few tasks that we can do quicker, more accurately all whilst reducing your exposure to risk.
Reduce Exposure to risk on aerial inspections like a crane
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Progress updates for key stakeholders
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Accurate Stockpile Metrics
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RPAS and Aerial Services within the construction and building sector are like most other industries….

Intrigued…  Intrigued with the technology and intrigued with how it will be applied to the industry.

Existing “use cases” or applied services consist of high resolution inspections for hard to access, valuable assets such as large worksite overhead cranes. As you could imagine inspecting a suspect stressed or cracked cross brace out on the end of the boom would be considered high risk in anyone’s definition. Not to mention a very expensive operation to tear down the job site, potentially haemorrhage tens of thousands of dollars everyday the job site is inaccessible.

Another popular utilised aerial services is to provide short sequence video’s edited with positive successful corporate themes and sound track showing progress that can be provided to stakeholders and assure investors of  outlooks of healthy returns on their capital investments.

Perhaps the most widely utilised RPAS is stockpiling metrics. RPA’s now have the ability through software capabilities to accurately map and measure an area, including the mass. This is perfect for large highway or freeway projects where gravel and blue metal stockpiles can run into the hundreds of tons and the lead time or logistics of refreshing such stockpiles can be made more difficult with inaccurate estimates.

Speak to us today to learn how we have further developed thermal imaging uses that easily apply to not only the construction and building industries but also many others. Coffs Coast Aerial Drone Services want you to work safer and more efficiently. For more information get in contact with us using the form below.

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