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Events and Special Occasions

Coffs Coast Aerial Drone Services

Events and Special Occasions

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Events and Special Occasions

The raw emotion of a beautiful moment frozen in time ensures your most treasured memories will never fade of that special day. Captured in high resolution and delivered digitally means those memories will live on forever without the fear of printed photos or film degrading over time. CASA has set very specific rules in how a pilot operates with an emphasis on safety. This is also one of our biggest objectives. Talk to us about what additional measures we take to ensure your safety whilst we capture that special moment for you.
Beautiful Landscape- CCADS
A couple on the edge of a boat wharf on their wedding day

A special moment frozen in time and encapsulated forever.

Our CCADS pilots will capture your most precious memories in a high-resolution format from their unique advantage point high in the sky.

Our pilots aim to create as little distraction as possible allowing them to capture the natural uninhibited emotions from your celebration.

CCADS pilots operate under the strict regulations set by casa. our aerial photography and video artistry policy and procedure involves precision planning to achieve your heart stopping imagery and maintain the safety of all attendees.

Key things to remember for operations such as these. We are unable to fly within 30meters of any person. We can reduce that distance to 15 metres if certain requirements are met. This is general close enough due to the high resolution lenses used but be sure to speak directly with us to ensure everyone remains safe and correct procedures put in place.

be at least 30m away from people
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