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With the rapid “break neck” speed of technology advancing, you can certainly get lost in thinking the future is now. It was only a short number of years ago, when the 1st gen phantoms were released and hailed as the most advanced drone available on the consumer market. By all accounts prior to this we relied on electric servos to control fixed wing remote piloted aircraft that you had spent months painstakingly building, the notation of quad-copters or tri-copters was still in development in a garage somehwere. Albeit the 1st gen phantoms had no auto pilot, no return to home (at least not by todays “smart surroundings awareness” standard) they were terrible! But did make for some compelling footage on countless you tube videos as to how dangerous they could be. Compare the 1st gen phantom that with the likes of the artificial intelligence of the Skydio 2. Even though it has been almost 2 years since the Skydio 2 was release, its automatous flight is seemingly decades ahead of the poor old 1st gen phantom and each new RPA released to the market is just as impressive.

As the RPA technology grew, so too the developed payloads, gimbals and other sensors that were perhaps only an idea still waiting to be born back when the 1st gen phantom debut but now present as a tool to see more than the human eye could possibly imagine.

Coffs Coast Aerial Drone Services utilises some of these sensors to implement RPA sensing. RPA sensing enables Remote Sensing (RPA-RS) this can be described as any activity such as large or small-scale mapping, real time assessment and monitoring activities of various applications. From these various applications are the primary three goals

  • Collect more accurate data for analysis for better key decision making.
  • To complete the task quicker then previous methods used resulting in more efficiency. 
  • To provide a safer method or process that reduces the risk to people or property.


All of our services can be filed into at least one if not all of these categories making it a obvious smart choice to free up more of your time. For more information or to find out how we can scale and integrate our services in to a efficient, cost effective package that will increase your productivity, contact us today.

Want to buy a drone but don't know where to start?

Well, your in luck...

We are your one stop shop for all things drone related. We are local, just like you. Not some overseas call centre, gives us a call to walk you through everything you need to know when taking to the sky. Lets all keep the sky fun and safe.

Urban Planning & Development

Mapping can be utilised across different requirements, from urban planning, surveyor support, private land developers and private homes owners. We have the ability to create 3D point cloud imagery and process datasets on our custom made processing unit ensuring quick and secure turn arounds.


Through mapping technology we can deliver visual progress updates that can be used to keep key stakeholders happy with your build. Once the scaffold comes down, working at heights can be a mine field, our high res optics are perfect for required height inspections.

Accelerate Selective Breeding with Multispectral Insight

Primary producers and farmers are the backbone to Australia, what if you could increase your yield, reduce your pesticide output and accelerate your breeding program through the use of multispectral intelligence.

Video Artistry and Capturing a Moment in Time Forever

But a handful of those special moments pass in our lives that we wish to cherish forever to maybe one day pass on to our grandchildren. Let us capture that special moment in time forever.

Real Estate Marketing

If you are not already, why aren’t you utilising aerial photography and videography in your marketing campaign. The results speak for themselves.  

Professional Production Support

Our Cinelift and Red Komodo are reserved specifically for the professional production crew that just can not achieve that required skilled perspective.

Stockpiling Metrics

If you didn’t already know, YES! We have the ability to provide you with volume outputs making large stockpile management headaches a thing of the past.

Solar and Roofing Thermal Imaging

Climbing up on slippery roofs can be dangerous, one wrong step and a faulty solar panel is the least of your worries. With our thermal imagine capabilities you will see much more than what you would climbing on the roof in the first place… 


The Area We Service

Our Working Locations

Our area of service includes the New England, Coffs Coast, Northern Rivers and Northern NSW. An area greater then 45,000 Square kms

  • Coffs Harbour
  • Grafton
  • Yamba
  • Lismore
  • Ballina
  • Byron Bay
  • Casino
  • Nambucca
  • Tenterfield
  • Evans Head
  • Woodburn
  • Glen Innes
  • Inverell
  • Deepwater
  • Guyra
  • Ebor
  • Armidale
  • Uralla
  • Walcha
  • Port Macquarie
  • Kempsey
  • Hernani
  • Dorrigo
  • Bellingen

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