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Aerial Surveillance and Asset Security

Now before you run off with your imagination all James Bond 007 like, aerial surveillance may be something as simple as observing a small planned burn off with our M200 with the Zenmuse Z30 attached as our primary payload. The z30 has the capability to zoom up to 180x. Now consider the scenario that we are 40 kms out west of Armidale on grazing property. We would have the ability to deploy the RPAS and observe the burn off from up to a couple of kilometers away with out the need to extend past the visual line of sight (VLOS). 


Another scenario could be that at a music festival, the night before, there are two high value assets loaded on two separate semi-trailers at the opposite ends of a open area. Equipped with the Zenmuse XT our DJI Inspire would be able to periodically maintain clear visual inspections seeing much more then the human eye could even with a flash torch. As CCADS is certified for night operations it would not be a problem.  The possibilities our our RPA platform are endless. Below is a short video giving a brief overview and use cases of the Zenmuse XT Thermal  


Brief introduction and capability of the Zenmuse XT by DJI

The ability to see at night without having to eat all of your carrots.

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