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Client Cloud Link

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1) Check to see if you are logged in correctly below, if not, please enter your username/email and password.

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Welcome to our Client Cloud Link

The Client Cloud Link is a secure portal for Client Data collection point. One you have booked and confirmed one of our services, you will be emailed your login and password details, please keep them secure and safe. Once your dataset is ready to download you will receive a notification to log in at your convenience. Your data will be kept on record for 12 months unless requested to keep for longer or request to remove from our servers. 

If you have not received your login and password or you are experiencing difficulties in accessing the CCL below, please try the following (remember that login details are case sensitive.) 

  • Allow at least 10mins after you receive an email confirming you dataset is being uploaded to allow for large dataset to complete uploading.
  • Check your confirmation email sent with your login details.
  • Reset your password by using the link below the login button.
  • Ask for assistance by clicking THIS LINK via Whatsapp or THIS LINK via Messenger.
  • If you have not received your login details or wish to register for please REGISTER HERE

Instructions for use. Once logged in your secure portal will open and display your project’s dataset. To view a preview click directly on the project icon or project folder. To download click on the 3 dotted menu on the right hand side in the top bar and select download, select folders or dataset icons to download multiple files. Downloads will be zipped and downloaded via your web browser. Unzip files to view. To return to your starting home page at any time click start in the top left corner.