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Looking to get your drone/RPA licence in Australia? Here is some free advice.

Coffs Coast Aerial Drone Services

Looking to get your drone/RPA licence in Australia? Here is some free advice.

John from FPV Australia

Looking to get your drone/RPA licence in Australia? Here is some free advice.

quadcopter Coffs Coast Aerial Drone Services
There is a lot of white noise when it comes to formal RPA training in Australia. Make sure you look past the fan fare to ensure your own compliance.

I often get asked the question how do you get into this kind of work? Personally, for myself, it has been a natural progression that stemmed from from a hobby of over 15 years (in one form or another) and a working progress that has developed over the last 4 years. As the business continues to develop so do our services and procedures to keep in line with the ever-changing regulated landscape. For anyone that has an interest in this industry or keen to start flying commercially as an RPA operator here is my advice to you.

You can apply directly to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) but unless you have some sort of previous aviation history or experience that is above a level of introductory, you will be confronted with documentation written in a different language. CASA communicates to everyone in the same manner. It is expected that all communication is directed to people of a certain level and understanding of avionics and the aviation industry in general. Even if you have a basic understanding, you will fall short. This I guarantee and I cannot stress this enough, even if you think you are prepared and have the right experience, training and knowledge behind you, unless that training, knowledge and experience was from the aviation industry itself. It is not worth a penny.  So there must be another way… Of course there is. The commercial RPAS scene is awash with different training providers based all around the country and they all have some fantastic slogans, unrivalled deals and some promise the world to have you up and flying in next to no time. Myth number 1) You can obtain your RePL in a weekend. This is impossible, remember CASA? They set the bar on how much experience and knowledge will be expected from you before you can get an RPA in the air and be paid for it… Let me tell you. The bar is reasonably high and its getting higher. So don’t be fooled by some of these training providers who tell you that its easy and you will have it done in a jiffy, because it is simply not the case.


fpv Australia
FPV Australia on youTube

If you have not been turned off from the idea yet, then I have some really good advice I can give you. Its starts off with a story, a myth if you will about the lil mongrel who received a phone call from the military one day and he thought it was one of his mates playing a prank and hung up the phone on a high ranking officer who promptly called him back and informed him to “Not to do that again”. Once dubbed the god father of FPV in Australia (But they are stories for another day). A person who is synonymous with training within the industry and a well-regarded advocate of drone safety. The founding CEO, Chief Pilot and Chief RPAS Instructor of one of the first CASA approved RPA flight schools in Australia, Mr John Fleming.

John is the owner of FPV Australia and between john and Jason, (one of John’s most senior Leading RPAS instructors), have delivered the key components of my training up right up to my 25kg weight class and set the sound foundation of my Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) which is required to legally operate a business within the industry. Among all of the training providers out there at present the moto of FPV Australia is simple. To provide quality training through quality instructors for quality outcomes. With experience as a pilot of manned aircraft and having a background working directly with CASA has enabled John to develop the entire training platform offered by his company from scratch. CASA implemented and later bought into effect the Part 101 Manual Of Standards on the 5th Aprill 2020 which saw the initial breakdown that actually grew the syllabus in to 3 separate categories to standardise an alignment of RPA flight schools. With a regulator keeping an eye to it all, you would think that now all flight schools are created equally. I can honestly say, this is not the case. If nothing else, if I could only convince anyone who reads this blog post to go ask the questions yourself, anyone that knows will happily tell you, FPV Australia!


FPV Australia class is in

Even if you only fly for fun John offers a free safety video catalogue of drone safety and awareness, did I mention its free and can be viewed direct from the website or stream it from social media sites. FPV Australia also run a scholarship program which is open to anyone in Australia that wish to apply. These are just two examples of how John gives back to the wider drone community and loves doing so, he is quite passionate about it.

If its RePL training, or your Radio Operators Certificate, right through to ReOC which will be needed to operate commercially and employ other pilots. The value-added service that FPV Australia offers is that once your training is completed, you are not shoved out the back door to face the big bad world on your own. From help establishing your initial Manual of Standards and Library through to preparing you to have your ReOC interview with a CASA delegate.


Even months later once your business is up and running and you get a job enquiry that you’re not quite sure about from your legal or compliance point of view, FPV Australia insist you shoot them a quick email and they are more than happy to point you in the right direction, in fact John and the team have just launch a Chief Remote Pilot training course for the CRP’s who find it difficult to to navigate the increasing legal requirements. This course helps to ensure CRP’s understand their obligations and responsibilities when operating under an ReOC and understanding Part 101 Manual of Standards

To find out more information or to enrol in to a course offered by FPV Australia, check out there details below.


FPV Australia

1300 378 287

Author: ccads

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