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Coffs Coast Aerial Drone Services
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Coffs Coast Aerial Drones have teamed up with Harbour Glass to deliver beautiful high resolution photos digital printed on glass of the gorgeous Coffs Coast. Each print is limited in production and vary in price and size. Call in to the Harbour Glass showroom to see what's on display.
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Coffs Harbour Drones have teamed up with the team at Harbour Glass to offer limited by print, digitally printed glass unique images of the Coffs Coast. The idea was first floated over a year ago during a cool, quiet-after-work beverage just before Christmas 2020 with the boys from Harbour Glass. The aim is to try and present some of the creative talents both businesses share and after a whirlwind busy 12 months, only now are the prints getting ready to sent to print. Each selected image will be limited in print and will vary in size to suit different placements and glass applications. The images, all taken at different locations through out the Coffs Coast are a unique aerial perspective from our pilots and are offered under licence to Harbour Glass to be used by their customers for wall mounted feature prints, glass splashbacks even shower walls to offer something different and custom tailored to their customers. For more information or to view the images on offer to be used in your next kitchen  or bathroom renovation contact the friendly team at Harbour Glass on (02) 6652 9669 or find them at  

If you have an idea for your business and require remote piloted aerial services, please get in contact with us on  0491 951 926 or email us We are wanting to work with more local businesses to help promote not only your business but also our own beautiful that is the Coffs Coast. You may be surprise at what can be delivered at a very cost effective price 

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